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Scottish Premier League : The Major Question

Is The Scottish Premier League becoming boring?

Celtic to win the title again? It’s almost a foregone conclusion isn’t it?

After the financial problems experienced by Rangers that led to them being relegated to the Scottish Third Division, it has left many pondering the question – Is it becoming boring? The rivalries between Celtic and Rangers led to many fans taking note of the SPL and watching Scottish football on a more regular basis. Take Rangers out of the equation and is the SPL worth watching?

The money that Celtic receive due to them being in the Champions League and being the biggest team in the SPL means that they money they receive is so much higher than any other teams, it means that for any of the other 11 teams to be able to compete, they need serious financial backing. As a result of the never changing gap in the SPL, it means that unless something changes, it is only go to increase, as TV revenue and sponsorships deals coupled with the money gained from the Champions League increases, it means the difference between the teams will be higher and therefore there will be less chance of other teams being able to compete with the Bhoys on a regular basis.

For many fans in Scotland, the league is still one with immense excitement however when you compare the league to the Premier League, where there are about 6 teams competing for the title, it remains to be see whether there will be a change in Scottish football that enables there to be much more of a battle to be the top team in Scotland.


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