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The Big 3 Transfers: Who wins, who loses? Part 3 of 3

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The final part of my three part series is the biggest transfer story of the summer, a possible record breaker. Real Madrid’s attempts to sign Gareth Bale.

£85 million for Tottenham’s Gareth Bale sounds ridiculous, especially to anyone who saw him in his early career at White Hart Lane. But it goes to show just how much he has come on since his early days as a struggling left back. Even on his recent form though, the figures currently being quoted are a big risk for any club, even one of Real Madrid’s size and stature. Undoubtedly Bale is full of potential to go with the talent he has already showed. At 24 he still has his best footballing years ahead of him. But does the flying Welsh winger moving to Madrid suit both parties?

Madrid are not a team that lack skilful, attacking players. Christiano Ronaldo, Angel Di Maria and Karim Benzema are all players that could walk into any team. Bale isn’t even what could be described as a ‘Galactico’. He is still relatively unknown in the world game, so revenue from shirt sales may not help recoup enough of the potentially massive transfer fee. Also early career injuries have the potential to re-surface at any time and as he gets older, these will surely be harder to shake off, possibly inhibiting the latter years of his career.

Bale may find it hard to leave the United Kingdom for warmer shores, especially as he has only recently started a family. A move to Spain will surely be hard to adjust to at the same time you are adjusting to life as a father. Any sign of home sickness may cause a dip in form, and at this stage in his career, this may hinder his chances of reaching his full potential.

Therefore, although the chance to see Bale in the famous white shirt of Real Madrid is surely something to whet the appetite of any football fan outside North London, this is one transfer that may take another season to materialise. Especially with the notoriously stubborn Daniel Levy in charge of negotiations.


Although all of these deals have been ruled out by the clubs, the rumours and stories don’t seem to be going away. You get the feeling there could still be life in these deals somewhere. The most likely will probably be Rooney to Chelsea. Manchester United are the only one of the three clubs to have the depth in squad to cope with a big departure. And if David Moyes re-ignites his interest in Marouane Fellaini from Everton, Rooney could get his wish of ending his nine-year stay in Manchester. The rumours revolving around Bale and Suarez could go on until the very end, but at this late stage neither is likely to happen. The gaps they will both leave in their respective squads are too big to try and replace with quality players now. So there is a good chance of these deals following us into another window in the future.


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